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The Energy focused to the point…The objective of energiepunkt is to unite Eastern and Western tradition, today's knowledge about health and wellbeing. energiepunkt is largely based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian chakra system. In TCM, there is no clear separation between body and mind. It is based on the assumption that the human body copes with illness and will recover, if it is in the balance of the two polarities (Yin and Yang), the five phases, and if a sufficiently defensive qi (wei qi) is present. TCM alone is no longer satisfying the modern humans and its consciousness. The bridge, which we will have to build, is, to a new, holistic consciousness. This is the attempt of energiepunkt by expanding the fields of activity with  Shiatsu, Meditation and Mentaltraining.
Shiatsu - die sanfte Anwendung Meditation - Die innere Stimme wahrnehmen Mentaltraining - Ganzheitlich werden

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106, Avenue Victor Hugo in Luxembourg Limpertsberg